Pancakes filled with goodness

Hello my kind reader :) I would like to present you another, simple and versatile recipe for pancakes. Versatile because the filling, which is going to be inserted to my lovely traditional pancakes, can be a combination of anything and everything you like, fancy or simply have in the fridge … Continue Reading →


Chocolate brownie / muffins

Hello my kind reader :) This particular chocolate recipe is a cross between brownie and a muffin. It is a brownie recipe in a muffin shape. I chose a muffin version because my kids, simply recognize this one, as the right one… They love the muffins for breakfast as much … Continue Reading →


Apple cake

Hello again my kind reader :). It is my sweet pleasure to introduce another, simple recipe, one that my loved ones adore and enjoy for dessert, straight after dinner or simply for breakfast as a good start for a day. Home-made, organic ingredients, sweet and sour flavour on your palette … Continue Reading →



Hello again my kind reader :). I would love to introduce another, really tasty dish having it’s roots in Polish cuisine. It’s one of those dishes that needs a little bit of commitment because it’s time consuming, but again… worth the fuss. It’s absolutely delicious. The ingredients are, as always, … Continue Reading →


Caramel cake

Hello my kind reader :). Still being in the festive spirit, I would like to give you an extra recipe for my cake from “The easiest cake ever…” series ;). I love making my “messy” cakes and I always use organic ingredients. I simply can taste the difference. Besides, my … Continue Reading →


Quick and simple festive biscuits

The recipe for those yummy Christmassy biscuits is a very quick and simple one. I also promise, they are absolutely divine… Ingredients : 140 gr plain flour (sieved) 30 gr corn flour 60 gr caster sugar 115 gr butter 1 tsp vanilla bean paste Combine the ingredients, tip into a … Continue Reading →


Mince pies

Today’s recipe doesn’t need to much of an introduction. We all know our traditional Christmas treat, well known to the world, mince pies. We all probably make them once a year or at least once in our lifetime… ;) I have to admit that I am not a fan of … Continue Reading →


Coconut cake

I love making cakes. I think that Christmas time allows me to completely go for it. I would like to introduce another cake recipe to you. The dough in this particular one varies from the previous chocolate and raspberry one. It’s quite a calorific cake, no doubt about it, but … Continue Reading →


The easiest white chocolate and raspberry cake ever.

Hello again my kind reader. It seemed like my chocolate cake was really appreciated last week (at least the picture… ;) ). Thank you. That encouraged me to share another, I think, tasty idea. This one will also impress your friends and family. The base (sponge) is made exactly same … Continue Reading →


The easiest chocolate cake ever

Hello my kind reader… :) I would like to share with you a very easy cake recipe that is going to impress your dinner friends, girlfriends or boyfriends popping for a cup of coffee and even your kids (if you have any…). I am quite proud of my home-made, messy … Continue Reading →